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     Every Monday at noon disabled individuals from all over the City of San Diego gather for an hour-long music class.

    The class lead by professional multi-instrumentalist Dave Millard offers the students opportunities to participate in drumming activities that range from pure rhythm, to Latin beats and flute and vocal drum accompaniment. During the hour that students are at the WorldBeat Cultural Center they practice appropriate social behavior, they act as “mc” for their class and they dance together for the sheer joy of it.

    This year WorldBeat Center has added a new component to the class where guest performers (professional, world renown artists) are invited to participate in leading a portion the workshop. Guest artists sing or dance for the clients who, thus far seem to have absorbed the experience with a resulting fine-tuning of their skills in social behavior. Among the guest artists who have performed are Afro-Ecuadorian Group Azukar; dancers and musicians from Ecuador, Cocoman of Panama and reggae legend Pato Banton.

    This program is affirmed with small miracles everyday as we watch the students arrive earlier to have a meal prior to the workshop, enthusiastically run from their bus into the Center to greet a friend in anticipation of the class and who’s aids and teachers shower the Center staff with stories about client breakthroughs as far as participation goes, vocalizations, comprehension, and improved socialization. The class is currently comprised of students from the San Diego City Schools’ TRACE Program, the Archdiocese, and other local programs for disabled individuals.

    The WorldBeat Cultural Center’s Disabled Program is approximately 60 students strong and growing.

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