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WorldBeat Cultural Center has partnered with Cultural Homestay International to provide a Room & Board program to international students in English studies. In addition to English Language Skills, students learn the following Micro Enterprising Skills:
  • Communication & PR:
Students participate in our Marketing Department. Sending Press out to San Diego & International Press contacts. Writing Press releases, Professional Follow Up, Web Submissions, Myspace & Facebook Promotions. Students learn how to get our events out to the public and also feel the pleasure of a successful Marketing Campaign.

  • Graphic Arts & Web Design:
Students learn Professional Design & Web Building software such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator. They also will be responsible for Website maintenance, updates, blogs & Expansion of current site.

  • TV & Radio Broadcast / Live Webcast:
WorldBeat Center has been an innovator of the Web Broadcast field starting with a grant from Real Networks in 1999. Being one of the first websites to provide Live We streaming technologies.
Makeda Dread our Executive Director has been on Commercial Radio & Broadcast Television for over 30 years, she has degree's in Telecommunications and is our main instructor to our youth run radio & TV Station.

  • Events Production:
Interns Learn hands on concert production from all angles. Promoting, Sound Production, Lighting, Advancing the Date, Administration, Budgeting, Contracting & More!
  • DJ School:
Students are able to run their own Radio DJ Program. Interns are taught by Resident DJ Carlos Culture. With this program our students were able to interact with our after school program in Lemon Groove Schools.

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