The WorldBeat Center is active in collaborating with community organizations to provide nutrition/gardening programs in San Diego. The program includes school garden projects, school nutritional education programs, farm field trip program, a farm apprenticeship program, and health and cooking classes and events.


    Working with partner organizations, WBC has used our networking abilities to link the various agencies in San Diego committed to food security and centralize access to their varied services. Currently WBC is working to expand the amount of participants involved in our various program offerings. In partnership with our collaborating organizations our programs address the critical food & water crisis issues that San Diego County faces and provides innovative solutions.

    School garden projects include Balboa Park Integration Program and World Beat Center collaborative inner city garden program serving over 6,000 students, Ocean Beach Elementary School Garden, Morris High School Garden, Florence CDC and Elementary School Garden, and other sites under development.

    The gardens educate students on the various aspects of agriculture and nutrition while fostering a deep understanding and respect for the earth. All projects are somewhat limited in their ability to provide
a multi-faceted educational experience due to a lack resource organization and capacity building. A lack funding has prevented WBC from being able to dedicate time to developing a comprehensive self-sufficient volunteer base to operate programs full-time.
  • Sustainability -
    WorldBeat Cultural Center is a Solar building, the first in Balboa Park to convert. We are currently working on expanding the current system to be completely Self Sufficient / Off the Grid.
    We also have a Meditation Fountain in the Garden that constructing to be solar run.
  • Ethnobotany / Children's Gardening -garden_03.jpg
    Our Community Garden Program started 8 years ago in dedication to George Washington Carver, The Pioneer of Botany in America.
    Children learn the relationship with Plants and the Indigenous Culture's, locally & Globally.

  • Outdoor Classroom / Life Labs -
    By taking our students outside to our Gardens, they learn that everyone is a scientist.

The unique organic herb, fruit, and vegetable garden honors the memory of George Washington Carver, and is dedicated to teaching young people about the role of plants in society. Gardening classes are available to schools, youth programs, individuals, and families by appointment or on Sundays at 11:30 a.m. The garden also serves the nearly 6,000 students in the 5th Grade Balboa Park Integration Program.

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