Staff Members are:

Makeda "Dread" Cheatom                                              Executive Director / Founder


Makeda “Dread” Cheatom is the Executive Director and Founder of the WorldBeat Cultural Center in San Diego, California. Makeda is a Cultural Anthropology Major and ethno-musicologist who has traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Brazil, and numerous other countries researching and experiencing ethnic music throughout the world. In turn, she has produced programs and presented artists from wide genres - African, Latin Jazz, Cuban, Afro-Beat, Reggae and Dance - all currently represented within the cultural center.

Makeda has received numerous awards for her service to the community.  Most notably and recently, Makeda Cheatom was recognized by the Women’s Museum of California as a Cultural Competent Bridge Builder.  She participated in the Women of the Year 2012 ceremony and humbly received her award, which placed her in the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame.

Other awards Makeda has received include: Channel 10 Leadership Award, Project Concern International, the Palava Tree for Arts & Culture, Water For Africa Foundation, International Rescue Committee, among many others.  Makeda is featured in articles in San Diego Magazine, City Beat, the Reader, Sign On San Diego, La Prensa and The Union Tribune.

In 2010, Makeda’s vision led her to creating a nonprofit organization in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico: Culture Beat Asociacion Civil. The organization, which is the WorldBeat Center’s sister cultural center, has now been open for over two years.  This cross-cultural exchange project has also provided the opportunity to further collaborate with the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC) in Tijuana, Baja California in a Cross Border Cultural Exchange program. Additional Mexican partner government institutions include Instituto de Cultura de Baja California (ICBC) in Tijuana and Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEARTE) in Ensenada.

Makeda is currently the only African-American female on commercial radio in San Diego. She is the founder of her own radio show, Reggae Makossa, broadcast on Fusion Radio 102.5 FM. She has been on the air for over 25 years. She produces her own television show WorldBeat Live, which is broadcast on numerous community television networks throughout the county.  Makeda “Dread” Cheatom is dedicated, committed and determined to raise world consciousness through music, dance, and the arts. She promotes unity in diversity while teaching world peace.

Berenice Rodriguez                                                                    Publicist

Berenice Rodriguez manages all social networks, as well as submits press releases and web submissions.  She is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Environmental Studies and Interior Design.  She has experience in architectural programs such as AutoCAD, geographical programs such as UMass Fragstats, and image editing with Adobe Photoshop.  During her studies, she led the leading empowerment organization of San Diego State, the Environmental Business Society, a reputable environmental student organization.  WorldBeat Cultural Center has provided a valuable experience and environment for Berenice to embrace all cultures, including her Mexican culture and learn about self-empowerment to build alternative communities for the future.

Holly Torres                                                   Outreach Coordinator / International Coordinator

Holly Torres studied at UC Santa Cruz and has a B.A. in Latin American and Latino Studies & Global Economics.  She has studied and lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Santiago, Chile at La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Holly has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, especially in the countries of Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Guatemala.  Fluent in Spanish, she coordinates and communicates all activities between the Culture Beat A.C. in Ensenada, Mexico and the WorldBeat Cultural Center in San Diego.  Holly is also a certificated teacher; she holds a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) certificate.  Working as Outreach Coordinator, Holly connects directly with schools, organizations, and corporations throughout San Diego County to meet the high need for music and dance education in the community.  Moreover, Holly continues to develop lesson plans, curricula, and evaluative measures to align with State Content Standards for the After School Programs the WorldBeat Cultural Center is involved with. She is excited for the new WorldBeat Center Enrichment After School Program to anticipated to launch in the 2013-2014 school year.

Anna Rumery                                                            Caretaker & House Production Assistant

Anna Rumery is the Caretaker of the WorldBeat Center and House Production Assistant. She has worked at the WorldBeat Center for over five years.  Her background in production and hospitality work in an asset for the success of WorldBeat productions.  She loves the children’s programs, reggae music, and San Diego’s warm reception.

Lionel Hernandez                                                             Accountant / Bookkeeping


Mr. Hernandez moved to San Diego in 1992 from Northern California and has been performing bookkeeping services for various clients throughout the city. He began at the Center for Social Services and worked part-time at the Center for 3 years, while also setting up and working for Pacto Latino, a Latino service organization in North Park. Throughout his tenure Mr. Hernandez has performed full-charge bookkeeping for more than ten non-profits, including Sun & Moon Visions Productions, The Cygnet Theatre, WorldBeat Center and Bi-National AIDS Advocacy Project.

Mr. Hernandez graduated from Arizona State University with Bachelor's degree and prior to, attended Loyola University in Los Angeles. Before locating to San Diego and working with non-profits, he was Controller for a direct-mail marketing company in San Francisco.

In addition to his non-profit clients, Mr. Hernandez also services 2 local corporations and one sole-proprietor. Currently, semi-retired, he is cautious not to take on any new business.

Anya Meave                                                                         Media Arts Department

Anya Meave is part of the Media Arts team at the WorldBeat Center. When she is not working behind the camera, Anya is editing a piece of visual art for viewers to enjoy. An Alumni of Southwestern Community College’s Tele-Media Communications Department, Anya guides the WBC’s Media Arts Department’s Interns. She also manages volunteers during video production shoots, allowing them to gain experience in a field they enjoy.

Bernie Nofel                                                                     Grant Writer / Developer


Bernie Nofel, President and Founder of Lighthouse Resource Group, supports the WBCC in its organizational development and resource development efforts. Lighthouse Resource Group is a consultancy firm specializing in helping non-profit organizations do their important work better. Bernie has contributed to WBCC’s success in designing innovative programs and developing the resources to make those visions a reality. Bernie has more than 15 years experience leading non-profit and governmental organizations. Bernie graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in Organizational Management.    


Louie Procaccino                                                            Production & Stage Manager


Louie Procaccino has been involved with San Diego concert production from the early 1970's to today. He has been Production Manager for Marc Berman Concerts, Fahna Silva, Avalon Attractions, Tim Maze, Fineline Scottland and many other production companies as well as Humphrey's, the OAT at SDSU, the Roxy Theatre, San Diego Stadium, The San Diego Music Awards and various other clubs and production companies such as HTHB and Playschool Productions.

He has worked with Makeda for over 30 years doing Reggae Music all over San Diego and Mexico. From the early day Prophet Productions to the new WorldBeat Center Productions Louie enjoy and he is honored that he could help Makeda spread the word and positive message of Reggae Music.

Carlos "Culture" Torres                                                  Event Promotion Department          


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