Shakti Rising - Women's Graduation Fundraiser

Friday, October 24, 2008 5:36 PM | WorldBeat Cultural Center (Administrator)
shakti rising.jpgThe graduation events have four main functions:
  1. The first, and primary, function is to celebrate the women who are successfully completing the program, and to motivate those women who are enrolled in the program to graduate.  This is a strong statement for these women to their families, as well as from Shakti Rising to the greater community as regards to recovery, the possibilities of transformative healing, and the power of community action.
  2. The second is to raise funds and friends for Shakti Rising.  Therefore, we are building new relationships with people while strengthening existing relationships.
  3. The third purpose is to express gratitude and thanks to key players in our community, to increase their commitment to Shakti Rising and demonstrate our appreciation of their contributions.
  4. To promote transformation as a lifestyle and direct experience of Shakti Rising.
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