History Past - Present

  • The Baobab Import Store (1980-1986)
  • The House of Africa (1986-1990)
  • Prophet WorldBeat Productions (1975-Present)
  • WorldBeat Center - Hancock St. Location (1990-1995)
  • WorldBeat Cultural Center - Balboa Park (1995-Present)

Prophet Family.jpg WorldBeat Center's own history is wrought with struggle. Self-determination has been our motto.

 WorldBeat Center has made raising awareness of indigenous world cultures and inclusiveness central to all aspect of our programming. For more that ten years, the WBC has held classes in cultural music and drumming for disabled individuals.

 Specific days of each year have been dedicated to raise awarenessMac Beads.jpg about great leaders, artists, activists and scientists, such as Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Marcus Garvey Day, a day in Tribute to Audre Lorde and a day in Tribute to Bob Marley and all the Reggae Legends. WBC includes free festivals and cultural celebrations in our annual programming each year, including Kwanzaa, Earth Day and the International Dance Festival/Day of the Drum.

Mac Radio.jpgWorldBeat Center's resident artist and companies teach ongoing classes for adults and children in cultural drumming and dance; African; Taiko; Egyptian; and Brazilian Samba. Opportunities for the artists to showcase their creative work is one of the WorldBeat Center perks and serves the mission to raise awareness through music, dance, art, and cultural artifacts.

 This year, the WBC is continuing to develop and implement programming through gardening and nutrition and is proud to continue to rally community support around the Children's Ethno-Botanical Garden. This special Garden is inspired by Dr Kweku Andoh and partners with University of San Cruz's Life Laboratory and the Alliance Healthcare Foundation to teach science and nutrition to youth and adults.

 WorldBeat Center has a presence in our sister city Tijuana and, and in partneringMac Dreams.jpg together with WBC Tijuana to present “Tribute to Reggae Legends”. This collaborative effort is raising awareness about the African presence in Mexico and has located Mexican groups in Vera Cruz and other cities who perform such works.

 WorldBeat Center has presented its 2nd Annual Afrikan Mental Liberation Film Festival curated by Dr Kweku Person-Lynn. This year we celebrated the Ethiopian Millennium on the traditional day. Our media arts department is active in training interns from the local high schools in radio and television.

 From young to old, for persons on both sides of the border, and for persons of every race, color and ethnicity, the WorldBeat Center represents a unique platform for coming together in a shared celebration of unity, diversity and community.

More info: 619-230-1190 | email: info@worldbeatcenter.org
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