Our Efforts in International Projects
Dear all,

As WorldBeat Culture Center is dedicated to "healing the world through music, art, dance, technology and culture", we carry out quite a few international projects to offer a platform to alleviate sufferings from the masses.

We are here to serve mainly the underprivileged population especially those with indigenous cultural background. We consider culture a very essential and important role in communication and our lives. Through culture we are defined as various peoples, yet, it is culture again that possesses the magnificent power of joining us together. With our cultures melted as one, we become unified. Division will be eliminated and out-dated prejudice will fade away. We are on our way to become one people and one destiny. The destiny is the end of ignorance and to save the earth, people, and animals. That requires a higher frequency.

We also focus on projects benefiting our children, who are our future. As the native American Indians believe, all of us are responsible for 7 generations. We must always remember what we do and how we think should always be with sincerity, compassion, humbleness and gratitude. WorldBeat Center believes this is how we will save the earth and its people, unity and culture.

May peace be with us all.


WorldBeat Cultural Center
  • [Mexico] Mixtec Village Sewer System Project
            Fund-raising will benefit the town of Santa Maria Natividad, Oaxaca, Mexico in constructing a Sanitary Sewer System!
  • [Pakistan] The Citizens Foundation Education Project
              Proceeds of the event will benefit the schools of The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan.

  • [Africa] Water For Children Africa
              Fund-raising will help a professional team to make progress in Water For Children Africa Project.

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