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WorldBeat Sustainability Project - Go Green

 greenenergyzh0.jpgIn 1995, the WorldBeat Center moved into its current location at Balboa Park in what had been a water tower. Since that time, the WorldBeat Center has invested significant resources to convert the former water tower into a global hub of cultural healing and celebration which serves San Diego’s most vulnerable populations, including economically-disadvantaged communities and children with disabilities. Today, the WorldBeat Center site is an exciting venue,  hosting world-renowned performers and making Balboa Park accessible to communities who otherwise would not find the Park as within their comfort zone.

 Since its arrival at the Park, the WBC has been at the forefront of eco-friendly design, and recently was recognized by the Mayor’s office for being the
First Balboa Park Facility to Install Solar Panels
significantly reduce our Carbon Footprint. The primary modifications under this comprehensive strategic solar-panels.jpgprogram include: Funds contributed and raised will make possible urgently needed modifications that will allow the WBC to: continue to operate in a way that is earth friendly, using newer technologies than those originally installed; participate as a full partner in Balboa Park’s “Go Green” initiative; improve access and safety.

Solar Man

solar man.JPG

Currently Teaching Solar Installation at:


Hosts a TV Show called "Local Solution" on environmental and social awareness through local arts, music & fasion.

Student of earth architecture.

Solar installer for over 10 years.

Inventor of Solar Technology for over 15 years.

A Volunteer Videographer.

More info: 619-230-1190 | email:
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