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Tian Gong is a profound method of Qi Gong energy work, which goes beyond gentle exercises for health and well-being. Our goal is to help you integrate your body, mind & soul through meditation, gentle movement, sound healing, Taoist alchemy & spiritual wisdom from both the Eastern & Western cultures.

Master Le Tian Da Shi

GM_Neu_klein.jpgTian Gong Founder and Founding President of Tian Gong International Foundation and Tian Gong International Association. Da Shi currently resides near San Francisco, CA in the United States.

Le-Tian Da Shi was born in a Chinese village named Zhu-An, which is located on the bank of the Nan Qi River in Yong Jia County in Zhejiang Province, a coastal province of Eastern China. Born to a family of little financial means and suffering from multiple illnesses, he started to learn Qi Gong at a young age. He visited many famous mountains and rivers to seek out Masters and spiritual paths (Dao) and to study the secrets of sacred healing practices and the profundities of the universe.

After decades of cultivation through trials and tribulations and near loss of life, Da Shi finally realized sudden enlightenment. Now under the direct guidance and information transmissions of the Universal Grand Masters he founded Tian Gong. Using sacred, mystical places and energy fields to coalesce and radiate intense energy, Tian Gong connects to high-energy information transmissions from the golden ages of the Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria to enable practitioners to quickly and thoroughly cleanse themselves of negative energy and information embedded in their bodies and souls. This activates latent soul potential and allows sincere practitioners to advance in leaps and bounds.

Master Tian Ying

TY.jpgPresident and co-Founder of the Berlin Tian Gong Institute, Master Tian-Ying was trained to become a Qi Gong Master by Le-Tian Da Shi. Since the founding of the Berlin Tian Gong Institute, Master Tian-Ying and her sister Master Tian-Ping have worked selflessly to share Tian Gong practices with people in the West and to teach Universal culture and ancient Eastern spiritual practices.
In the last four years, under the guidance of Le-Tian Da Shi and with the enthusiastic help and support from Tian-Qi and other Tian Gong practitioners, Master Tian-Ying and Master Tian-Ping have researched a complex medical problem, which Tian Gong has coined as Diseases of Soul-Information (DSI). Through transmissions of Universal energy and with information collected using Celestial Vision, Celestial Hearing, Celestial Language, soul reading and other methods, they have made great advances and have gained public recognition in areas including but not limited to the following: investigation and healing of DSI, distant Yin Feng Shui group adjustment, etc.

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