Mixtec Village Sewage System Project
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       WorldBeat Center is helping out to raise fund for a much-needed sewage system project in the Mexican village of Santa Maria Natividad, Oaxaca.
Mixtec is a Central American Indigenous population living in the northern and western sections of the state of Oaxaca and in neighboring parts of the states of Guerrero and Puebla in southern Mexico. Since the first settlers arrived over 2500 years ago it has developed a strong regional identity with its dances and artwork famous throughout the country and its language one of the two most popular indigenous tongues. Lately musicians such as internationally famous Lila Downs and the late Alvaro Carrillo together with a host of artists have continued the region's rich creative tradition.
       We have dedicated our efforts to bringing up a series of cultural fund-raisers.Our Mixtec performers come from one of the most vulnerable and marginalized indigenous groups in Mexico. And, they want to make a difference in their hometown fellows' life. Now, they are in the process of constructing a much-needed sanitary sewer system in Santa Maria Natividad.

View a video clip of the town project at Santa Maria Natividad here:


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